The efficient development, maintenance and sustainability of postgraduate biomedical courses that can meet the rapidly changing requirements of industry require clear and comprehensive communication between industry, regulators and academia.

On-course has been designed specifically with these requirements in mind by providing:

  • A free and comprehensive list of all biomedical postgraduate courses in Europe and associated countries which, for the first time, will allow the course seeker to see every course that's available
  • A dedicated Gap Team comprised of professionals from academia and industry who will gather and display on on-course the current education and training needs of industry
  • A forum to allow interaction between industry, regulators and academia which will enable the discussion of both education and training and potential research collaborations
  • Key and transparent information on courses with a summary of module information for master courses
  • Feedback function to on-course administrators giving you the opportunity to tell us of any specialised courses you're looking for or any aspect of on-course 
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