MI2 strategic research agenda - status and next steps

We would like to thank all those who took interest in commenting on the Consultation paper on IMI2 Strategic Agenda.  We received 50+ submissions from a wide range of umbrella and individual organisations representing patients, professional groups, learned societies academia, regulators, etc.   Input received is currently being processed and a revised version of the SRA will be posted for further dialogue with stakeholders around mid-June 2013.  This dialogue will continue until end 2013.  

For any further information please write to: 

SRAconsultation@efpia.eu or magda.chlebus@efpia.eu 

Based on the success of IMI, EFPIA members envisage renewing this experience under the new EU framework programme Horizon 2020, ideally together with other health industry partners, and are currently working on developing a strategic research agenda for IMI2.  The trend towards personalised medicine and need to speed translation from research into medical innovation are two key drivers in line with the health objectives under the Horizon 2020 objectives.  Building on IMI, the IMI2 agenda attempts to go beyond technological advances for R&D and follow the ambitious goal of (re)connecting research, development and European health priorities.  The vision of IMI2 is to address R&D challenges in areas of unmet medical need/high societal priority across the entire healthcare chain– prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as to address current barriers preventing patients having to rapid access to new medicines.

Three steps in developing the SRA: 

1) the initial concept paper subject to consultation was developed by EFPIA  based on internal and on line consultations with some stakeholder groups.   As EFPIA members are not receiving funding but invest resources, and because each collaborative projects must involve several competitors, it was important to identify areas where companies where ready to invest and where they are ready to work together. 

2) the second step consisted in an open on line consultation which ended on 30 April.  This consultations was a reality check on the objectives and axis of activity that are necessary to achieve these.  The outputs are consolidated and the revised version should be available around mid-June.

3) the third step will consist in a second round of consultations which will take the form of on line input, bilateral meetings and workshop discussions to fine tune the SRA and collect input on potential projects which could be part of the scientific programme and materialise the vision of the SRA.