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  • TTIP: What's in it for patients?

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) aims to create more open trade between the EU and the US. Strengthening the world’s most important trading relationship can serve as a key platform to bring quicker new treatment options to patients. TTIP has the potential to facilitate the development of new medicines and deliver better and faster health outcomes to patients.

    Researching and developing medicines is an increasingly collaborative and global process: pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and healthcare systems from all over the world work together to develop new and innovative medicines. By reducing the need to do things twice, TTIP can help them stimulate, drive and deliver the treatments that patients need, not only in Europe and the US but also worldwide.

  • Webinar on the Eco-Pharmaco- Stewardship (EPS) proposal

  • Pharmaceuticals and the Environment: Interview with Bengt Mattson

    Bengt Mattson, Co-Chair, Pharmaceuticals in the Environment Joint-Industry Task Force, explains how the pharmaceutical industry is addressing the potential environmental impacts of a pharmaceutical. 

    To learn more about the medsdisposal campaign and how medicines disposal is arranged in your country, you can access

    For more information about pharmaceuticals in the environment, please click here.

  • EFPIA DG Lecture - Innovators or Speculators? Price, value and access to medicines in Europe, 1 December 2015

    This video includes highlights from the EFPIA DG Lecture "Innovators or Speculators? - Price, value and access to medicines in Europe", which was held on 1 December 2015, in Brussels.

  • Annual Health & Economic Benefits of Influenza Vaccination

    Every year, influenza vaccination brings important health and economic benefits to individuals, governments, the economy, and society as a whole. This video shows the benefits of achieving the 75% vaccination coverage target agreed upon by the Council of the EU for the elderly and other key at risk populations. The data presented are based on a study on BMC Public Health, which can be accessed in full here.

  • Working together for patients

    Understanding the working relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals

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