Enabling Technologies for Better Patient Outcomes – Live Streaming from the European Health Forum Gastein

October 1st, 9.00-11.00 CET

This session will bring together industry, policy-makers and international experts on emerging technologies that harness the use of real world data to improve patient outcomes and accelerate clinical development. We will highlight the opportunity provided by robust data analysis and outline the current patient data activities in the EU 28 Member States.

The workshop will feature several leading technologies operating today that can fundamentally improve the way we treat patients.

  • Presentation of the TEMPEST Technology Model – for benchmarking health system preparedness in Europe
  • Practical examples of enabling technologies in real world data capture
  • Presentation of the European best practice report on enabling technologies
  • Discussion of the policy implications of real world data

The structure of this session will follow the format of the popular television show ‘Dragon’s Den’.