EFPIA notes the publication of the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee draft report on EU options for improving access to medicines.

People all over Europe are living longer, healthier and more productive lives because of the innovative medicines developed by our industry and with over 7000 medicines in development, the exciting new wave of pharmaceutical innovation will play a key role in addressing the challenges faced by patients and healthcare systems.  Over recent decades, through pharmaceutical innovation, the death rate from HIV/AIDS has decreased by 80%, the cancer mortality has fallen by 20% since the 1990’s and new hepatitis C therapies now have cure rates of up to 90%.

EFPIA welcomes the recognition that the “pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive industries in Europe” making a significant contribution to the European economy through job creation and R&D investment. Safeguarding these economic benefits and critically, ensuring patients continue to benefit from pharmaceutical innovation requires a strong intellectual property framework.

We also welcome the recognition in the ENVI Committee’s draft report that the “therapeutic added value of a medicine, the social impact, the cost benefit, the budget impact and efficiency for the public health system” should be taken into account when determining the price of a medicine.

As an industry we acknowledge the affordability challenges faced by healthcare systems, under pressure from rising healthcare demand and recognise the concerns expressed on the affordability of innovative medicines. Our industry wants to be part of the solution in making medicines more accessible and healthcare more sustainable.

We share a common goal with all partners in healthcare: to ensure that patients across Europe get rapid access to the latest life changing or life saving medicines. That is why we are working with governments and healthcare systems to find solutions to make medicines accessible and healthcare more sustainable, whilst securing future medical innovation.

As part of this process, EFPIA underscores the importance of an open, constructive, multi-stakeholder dialogue, involving, among others, the pharmaceutical industry, patient organisations and legislators, aimed at addressing the recommendations put forward in the ENVI Committee draft report.