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13 September 2013
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From our blog

From our blog

Brussels spin on inequalities
12 September 2013 by Richard Bergström

The imaginary Chief Psychologist of the EU has probably prescribed that from now on only good news should come from Brussels. "We need optimism".  Read more

From our blog

IMI 2 Strategic Research Agenda: Aiming to Make a Real Impact on Everyday Healthcare and Patients
10 September 2013 by Paul-Peter Tak

Healthcare demands in Europe are changing – and meeting those increasing demands is one of the goals of IMI2, the second part of the Innovative [...] Read more

From our blog

EFPIA-PhRMA Commitments: Breaking Down the Basics of Commitment 5
13 September 2013 by Richard Bergström

Bringing my blog series on the EFPIA-PhRMA commitments to clinical trials data sharing to a close, today I’m addressing the fifth principle: Reaffirming Commitments to [...] Read more



EFPIA Director General Richard Bergström on the Commitments for Clinical Trial Data Sharing

From the August 27 conference "A roadmap for sharing clinical trial data": EFPIA Director General Richard Bergström explains the EFPIA PhRMA data sharing agreement.

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Events calendar

Events Calendar

Access to Medicines: what should the industry contribute? (Part II: Supply Chain & Delivery Systems - The Last Mile Challenge)
On 18/09/2013 (Brussels)

Today, approximately 2 billion people have no or limited access to medicine in developing countries[i]. There are multiple barriers to access and many factors are [...] Read more

Events Calendar

Industry commitment for Responsible Clinical Trial Data-Sharing to Benefit Patients and Researchers
On 17/09/2013 (European Parliament, Brussels)

Dinner debate on the commitment from Industry for Responsible Clinical Trial Data-Sharing to Benefit Patients and Researchers.

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