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15 November 2013
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EFPIA Good Practice for preventing risk for drug shortages -Revised, October 2014
08 November 2013

EFPIA member companies are committed to provide patients with continuous access to high quality medicines. To this effect, the pharmaceutical industry continues to establish increasingly [...] Read more

From our blog

From our blog

I- SPY-2 : Welcoming a Modern Approaches to Clinical Trial Designs
12 November 2013 by Richard Bergström

No, I am not going to comment on NSA/GCHQ, or on whether tapping the phone of the Head of Europe was an act of friendship. [...] Read more

From our blog

The Future of “Omics” – EU and US Reports Emphasise Need for Changes in Regulation and Research to Pave Way for New Medicines
14 November 2013 by Magda Chlebus

Targeted therapies based on “omics” offer many promising new opportunities for treating patients – but there are challenges to implementation. Developing these new therapies isn’t [...] Read more

Events calendar

Events Calendar

World Diabetes Day
On 14/11/2013

World Diabetes Day is described by the International Diabetes Federation as "a day of celebration for those with diabetes who demonstrate that with access to [...] Read more


From our blog

BIG DATA Workshop - 16th European Health Forum Gastein Report
12 November 2013 (Publications, Reports & Studies)

It can be difficult to talk about the promise of investing in big data at times of falling resources for health care, said Leonas Kaletinas, Member [...] Read more

What we are reading

What we are reading

Malaria: A race against resistance
14 November 2013 (Nature)

A number of African countries are looking to anti-malarial drugs for preventive use. While preventive use of anti-malarials is common among tourists, health officials have warned against such common usage in areas where Malaria is endemic, fearing that the parasite causing the disease could develop resistance. While this preventive method, known as "Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention" or SMC, is expected to encourage drug resistance, it also has the potential to prevent some 8.8 million cases and 80,000 deaths per year. According to this Nature article: "That is considered a powerful enough benefit to justify losing the drugs." 

Read more

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