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20 December 2013
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Highlight of the week

Highlight of the week

Happy Holidays from EFPIA
17 December 2013

EFPIA wishes you Happy Holidays! 

Our first weekly Newsletter of 2014 will be issued on January 10th. 



2013 EFPIA Wrap Up
19 December 2013

A story of what happened in 2013 in Press Releases, Documents, Tweets, Articles and Blogs EFPIA Storify  Read more

From our blog

From our blog

Blockbuster drug of the 21st century
16 December 2013 by Richard Bergström

Health Affairs (a must-read for everyone in health care policy) recently declared "patient engagement" the blockbuster drug of the 21st century. It is not a [...] Read more

From our blog

Obamacare - More Than a Website
17 December 2013 by Richard Bergström

Obamacare, as the Affordable Care Act is known in Europe, is much more than the exchange website (whether it works or not). Providing health coverage [...] Read more

From our blog

2013 Top Health Innovations
18 December 2013 by Communication Team

Innovation  is a wonderful phenomenon. It leads to different amazing products and services like Internet, your personal computer, solar panels or new medicines.  So, what [...] Read more



What Is The Innovative Medicines Initiative? (Animated)

Watch EFPIA's latest video production about IMI.

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From our blog

Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth in Europe - Vilnius Report
13 December 2013 (Reports & Studies)

Austerity cuts have put Europe’s health systems under severe pressure, increasing health inequalities and threatening sustainability in the future. Now, European governments and the European Union [...] Read more

From our blog

A Roadmap for Sharing Clinical Trial Data - Survey Results
17 December 2013 (Presentations)

The Survey was conducted from October 4th until October 21st and  sent to a total population of 4,203 recipients and had 236 responses (217 fully completed).  Survey [...] Read more

What we are reading

What we are reading

Nature Readers Choose Favourite Articles of 2013
18 December 2013

Holiday season usually leaves plenty of time to relax and catch up on reading. We've been saving this list of the top ten articles published on Nature's website in 2013 -- as chosen by readers -- for just that reason. The top picks from Nature readers cover a range of topics, from giant viruses to earth's biggest underwater volcano. 

Read more

What we are reading

Is Measles Vaccination the Biggest Unrecognised Success in Global Health?
18 December 2013

Did you know that a full 84 percent of the world's one-year-olds are vaccinated against measles? A lack of awareness surrounding the success of such vaccination campaigns recently sparked commentary on the lack of recognition successful vaccines receive. 

Read more

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