Under the EFPIA Code, the pharmaceutical industry have to disclose payments made to healthcare professionals, such as sponsorship to attend meetings, speaker fees, consultancy and advisory boards. Bringing greater transparency to this, already well-regulated, vital relationship is about strengthening the basis for collaboration in the future. Industry is being proactive, based on its commitment to this relationship. Collaboration between industry and healthcare professionals benefits patients. It is a relationship that has delivered numerous innovative medicines and changed the way many diseases impact on our lives. Industry and healthcare professionals collaborate in a range of activities from clinical research to sharing best clinical practice and exchanging information on how new medicines fit into the patient pathway. Society has increasingly high expectations for transparency, none more so than in healthcare. We want to ensure we meet those expectations going forward. We are keen to work with our partners, the HCP community and professional organisations to ensure this vital relationship is understood by patients, the media and other stakeholders.

As part of their support for further transparency, EFPIA member companies have certified their commitment to the implementation of the disclosure provisions in the EFPIA Code. You can access member companies’ individual certification letters by clicking here.