Listening & Implementing

Patient Advocacy Lab
Connections in healthcare are important to enhance care for all. ALTEMS, by mean of its Patient Advocacy Lab, aims to improve the skills of Italian patient advocacy groups to ensure the patient voice is heard.

Cancer & Resources

 gives helpful resources on care paths and treatment information to cancer patients and their families.

Stroke Care & Knowledge Sharing

The Angels Initiative

Stroke care: sharing the recipe for better outcomes. By helping hospitals to be ‘stroke ready’, The Angels Initiative is changing lives and curbing costs.

Travel & Innovation

Diab'Voyage makes it easier for people with diabetes to travel & exchange best-practice with other diabetic patients.

Sport & Diabetes

Team Novo Nordisk
Meet Team Novo NordiskThe world’s first all diabetes sports team, dedicated to inspire, educate and empower everyone affected by diabetes, by showcasing that diabetes don’t have to hold you back.

Work & Diabetes

Diabetes@Work aims to enhance prevention, early diagnosis and health promotion at work, so that people with diabetes can fully participate in working life and live a life as normal as possible.

Diet & Diabetes

Fit2Me connects diabetes patients with the latest technology to offer personalised diet and lifestyle advice.

Testing & Coching

Dimini Project

Dimini Project connects healthcare professionals to help delay or prevent type 2 diabetes through patient coaching.

People & Places

Cities Changing Diabetes
Cities Changing Diabetes connects communities to build cities that help us live healthier lives, and where people with diabetes can live life to the full.
School Diabetes

School & Diabetes

Kids & Diabetes in Schools

Fostering a supportive school environment for children with diabetes, Kids & Diabetes in Schools is improving awareness of the condition early on and healthier living.

Technology & treatment

Diabeo and Insulia
Diabeo and Insulia aim to improve diabetes management through an app that helps diabetes patients to determine the appropriate dose of insulin to inject & be connected to their medical team.

Health & Learning

Herzenssache Lebenszeit
Herzenssache Lebenszeit connects with the public to raise awareness about the risk of diabetes – travelling to different cities on two red buses.

Football & Epilepsy

Vivir Con Epilepsia

Vivir Con Epilepsia connects people living with epilepsy, to offer support, normalise the condition and educate people on what to do in the event of an epileptic seizure.

Compete & Create

Innovating Together
Innovating Together: Challenge in Diabetes connects tech developers through a competition to create a tool for the management of the patient’s life habits.

Data & Patients

Building bridges to the future: EHDEN will establish 21st century tools for 21st century research to generate reliable answers to complex medical questions at a higher speed.

Partnership & Patients

COINNOVA connects people working in healthcare so they can collaborate and tackle diabetes together.
Education & Prevention

Education & Prevention


Through screening, ProtectUrLife connects people across Europe with programs and education to help prevent life altering problems and improve quality of life as we get older.

Diet & Exercise

Small Talk, Big Difference 
Through an online training program for GPs and nurses, Small Talk, Big Difference aims to increase the referrals of patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity to the weight management service.

Testing & HEP C

The Hepatitis C Partnership

Strengthening the power of collaboration: The Hepatitis C Partnership connects people with testing and treatment, to improve our understanding of Hep C and how to manage it.

Patients & Support

La Vie Autour
La Vie Autour offers cancer patients in France the chance to find supportive care in their area