Illness never sleeps
Illness never sleeps. 
When everyone else is having 40 winks, illness is running round the block. Illness doesn't sleep like a log or doze in an armchair. You might think it does, but it always gives itself a shake, ups its game and gets on with it.

Illness never sleeps, and medical innovation needs to be one step ahead, so that breakthroughs can be made. 
And we won't rest until we've helped make the world a healthier place for everyone.

A Lifetime of Breakthroughs
We were born to end patients’ suffering.
To extend life and improve its quality.
That’s why in the 70s, when infectious diseases passed from person to person, we didn’t rest.
In the 80s, when a needle and syringe was the only option for insulin injection, we didn’t rest.
In the 90s, when contracting HIV was a death sentence, we didn’t rest.
In the 00s, when killing cancer cells damaged healthy cells too, we didn’t rest.
And right now, after decades of tireless medical innovation, we still won’t rest.