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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 14 July 2022


Gap between EU vision and national competencies affects health agenda

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, CEO of Novo Nordisk and first vice-president of EFPIA

"It’s interesting to reflect that the industry brought five different vaccines in record time, all of those based on a certain degree of innovation (...). Next time around, we have to be lucky again that somebody else has invested in some science that is ready to be used. We also scaled up manufacturing in record time, so that billions of doses were basically available for the whole world. (...)

Still, there is a political agenda in the Western world to feel maybe some sort of bad conscience and they are proposing to waver IP rights in future situations. I get a bit emotional because I think this is politics at its worst, as it’s not helping anyone. It’s actually destroying the incentive to make the next version of vaccine or cure we all need."

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EFPIA statement on the EU4Health 2023 work program
12 July 2022

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Social consensus on extending screening programs and the right to be forgetten
13 July 2022

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Leaving no stone unturned — Europe beating cancer, together
12 July 2022 - Ivana Cattaneo - Marie-Sharmila Blandino - Aikaterini Fameli

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Animal use and welfare in pharmaceutical R&D

The pharmaceutical industry is committed to responsible animal use, with tangible outcomes leading to improved animal welfare and high-quality science. Check our report for a list of over 70 examples of 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) in action. 


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