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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 20 July 2022




The Czech plan to beat cancer (Guest blog)
20 July 2022 - David Kolář

The Czech Republic’s long-awaited National Cancer Plan matches ambition on screening and tackling inequality with hard... Read more

Primary health care is key to solving the diabetes challenge (Guest blog)
19 July 2022 - Elvera Laanen Larsen

Rethinking health systems demands investment in primary health care systems to manage rising rates of chronic diseases... Read more

European Association of Urology 2022: Collaborating to translate urological cancer innovation...
18 July 2022 - Martin Vogel

We are not standing still in our efforts to provide better care for patients, and there are much-needed novel innovations... Read more


Innovative Clinical Trials

"Patients with unmet needs are longing for innovative treatments to be approved. Especially rare disease patients, where only 5-6% have approved treatments, need a new strategy to speed up research and provide new opportunities to access innovative drugs. Complex clinical trials can be the change that patients want to see".
Claas Röhl, chairman of NF Patients United


Better fit research into patients' lives
"New trials enable participants to continue with their day-to-day lives with minimal disruption", says Jenny Camaradou,... Read more

Unlocking new benefits for patients & medical research
"Ambitions are high, and it’s not always easy, but #WeWontRest until we get to the innovative design that improves... Read more


Recently published


EU pharma in numbers: a portrait of an industry at a crossroads
29 June 2022 (News & Events)

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures 2022 reveals a keystone of the European economy at a pivotal moment in its history... Read more

The EFPIA Disclosure: Where are we for the 7th publication?
23 June 2022 (News & Events)

In the context of increasing societal expectations on transparency, the disclosure requirements seek to address any... Read more


What we are reading


This unicorn is betting on AI to boost drug discovery. It’s now one big step closer
On 20 July 2022 (Euronews)

Over the past three years, 10 companies in what’s arguably one of the most competitive industries in the world have... Read more

The case for diabetes screening and early detection
On 20 July 2022 (Euractiv)

Diabetes is a rapidly accelerating public health crisis demanding immediate policy attention. Read more

WIPO Assemblies Open: Director General Calls on Delegates to Transform IP into a Powerful Catalyst...
On 14 July 2022 (WIPO)

WIPO Director General opened the WIPO Assemblies with a call to keep working to transform IP into a powerful catalyst... Read more