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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 7 October 2021


From Covid-19 to the next pandemic, why innovation matters

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Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Chief Scientist Gino Martini chats with Nathalie Moll and Sunayana Shah about lessons learnt from COVID-19, how the industry is getting prepared to tackle future health threats such as AMR, and about the exciting innovations in the R&D pipeline.

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EFPIA calls for a Greater Harmonisation of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Procedures for...
07 October 2021

Each EU Member State should enable a practical and efficient system to allow greater coordination of the GMO assessment... Read more




European cancer care can rise like a phoenix
05 October 2021 - Antonella Cardone - Mike Morrissey - Alexander Roediger

Beating Cancer: Together we can reclaim lost momentum to deliver measurable advances Read more


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How can we close the East-West healthcare investment gap in Europe?
Representatives from the European Commission, patients organisations and the industry discussed the reforms which would... Read more

Health Systems after COVID-19 - How can the industry contribute to strengthened resilience?
In the effort to making health systems more resilient to future pandemics and other shocks, both public institutions... Read more




Technical meeting on Achieving Equity and Innovation in Newborn Screening and in Familial...
11 October 2021 (Virtual event)

An accompanying event of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2021 Read more

How can we make the impossible possible for rare and paediatric disease?
12 October 2021 (Virtual event)

Join the conversation to outline ways forward towards lowering the remaining unmet needs. Read more

Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference
08 November 2021 (Virtual event)

Sustaining innovation and collaboration beyond the pandemic #FTPharma Read more

Learnings from 'gene delivery' COVID vaccines relevant to ATMP
16 November 2021 (Virtual event)

The focus of this years ATMP Sweden conference is to extract learnings from the development and implementation of 'gene... Read more


An end to suffering from Alzheimer’s

Together we can make the impossible, possible.

Memory loss and disorientation in familiar places. Difficulty recognizing family and friends. Personality changes and paranoia. Trouble walking and performing everyday tasks. These are not just the inevitable parts of growing older. They’re the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, a disease robbing Europeans of their memories and identities on a scale that should halt policymakers in their tracks.



What we are reading


Everyone must have a seat at the table when it comes to delivering Europe’s Beating Cancer...
On 29 September 2021 (The Parliament Magazine)

Delivering EU's ambitious Beating Cancer agenda is a 'marathon, not a sprint', says EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner.... Read more

Flu Vaccination More Important Than Ever to Ensure Global Healthcare Systems Protect Most Vulnerable...
On 29 September 2021 (Pharma Boardroom)

Paula Barbosa, head of influenza policy and advocacy at the IFPMA and board member of the #TogetherAgainstFlu campaign,... Read more