Unlocking the Human Element: Integrating Patient Insights & Experiences into Precision Medicine Value Assessment Virtual event

Patient engagement (PE) has been gaining pace in medicines and medical technology development over the past few years, with both regulatory and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies more interested in understanding patients’ experiences and preferences, and to consider patient experience data (PED) in their assessments. Nevertheless, huge variability persists in how or even whether HTA bodies value or incorporate patients’ preferences and experiences in their evaluations.

In light of recent developments in patient engagement, particularly the growing role of PED in drug development and the introduction of the new EU Regulation on HTA, it is both timely and necessary to examine the interplay between PE, PED, precision medicine, and HTA. Join us in this virtual session to explore these different angles and learn how they can collectively support a more user and patient-centric approach to health technology assessments.