IHI seeks patients and caregivers to contribute to its activities

Today, it’s widely recognised that patients (and informal caregivers) can and should be involved in all aspects of health research and innovation. This includes the activities of organisations like IHI that fund projects in this area.

That’s why the IHI Patient Pool was set up - to create a pool of patients and informal caregivers who can support IHI activities by bringing their unique perspective, experience, and expertise to the table.

Members of the pool may be invited to participate in project meetings, scientific events, webinars, or trainings organised by IHI. Crucially, IHI will turn to the pool if patient / caregiver expertise is needed in core activities such as the evaluation of proposals, reviews of ongoing projects, and discussions on future funding opportunities.

Patients and caregivers who want to be part of the IHI Patient Pool should apply via the IHI website by 8 June. All applicants who meet certain basic requirements and apply before the deadline will be accepted into the pool.

‘The IHI Patient Pool will help us to integrate the patient voice into our activities, and ensure that the projects we support are truly aligned with patient needs,’ said IHI Executive Director ad interim Dr Hugh Laverty. ‘I strongly encourage patients and caregivers to get involved in this initiative, so that with their help, we can achieve our ambitious goal of translating health research and innovation into tangible benefits for patients.’

A similar patient pool existed under the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), IHI’s predecessor organisation. Thanks to the IMI Patient Pool, the IMI Programme Office was able to invite a number of patients to contribute their expertise to core activities and events in diverse ways.

More information can be found here.