EFPIA signs the Antwerp Declaration

Inspired by the Belgian Presidency of the EU and gaining widespread support across the business community, the Antwerp Declaration calls for a European Industrial Deal that can drive the region’s competitiveness and resilience.

Talking about the decision to sign, EFPIA Director General, Nathalie Moll said. “There is no doubt that Europe is waking up to the competitiveness challenge. In our sector, one of the most valuable strategic industries in the region, we have witnessed a 25% fall in our share of global R&D investment over the past two decades. Creating a new industrial deal for Europe could be the catalyst to prevent further decline, reverse these trends and build a healthier, more competitive and resilient Europe.

As the largest contributor to the EU’s trade balance, a strong research-based pharmaceutical industry will be crucial to Europe achieving these aims. The European Commission should put in place a comprehensive health & life sciences strategy at the heart of the next mandate. We need to create conditions that foster and drive research and development in the region, supporting investment in high-tech, sustainable manufacturing while maintaining open, global supply chains.

In recent years, other regions of the world such as the US and Asia have become more competitive and attractive for innovators. We are seeing companies increasingly shifting resources – research and development, clinical trials, advanced manufacturing and scientific and academic skills - to areas with more ambitious life science strategies.

As Europe heads to the ballot box and the Commission considers its priorities for the next mandate, together with the co-signatories of the Antwerp Declaration, our hope is for a European Industrial Deal that can drive the region’s competitiveness and resilience.