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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 15 October 2020


Health after COVID-19: spend more but spend smarter

Nathalie Moll for the Parliament Magazine

As we enter the final stretch of 2020, we face a huge dilemma for public health and public finances: how do we manage the massive impact of COVID-19 and the increasing burden of chronic diseases without bankrupting public finances?

There is a growing recognition of the urgent need to invest more in making our health systems more resilient, and that strategic investments in healthcare infrastructures can play an important part in Europe’s economic recovery.

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Strengthening health systems through smart spending
15 October 2020

EFPIA has developed a number of policy recommendations for national and European policy-makers to inform a discussion... Read more

Biopharmaceutical industry support EU regulators exceptional transparency measures
14 October 2020

And call other regulatory authorities to follow suit to help ensure confidence in the science and the decision-making... Read more


19 Conversations | The EFPIA podcast series


Podcast: Who decides the price of a medicine?
14 October 2020

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What is a rolling review?
EMA has started the rolling review of COVID-19 vaccines. What is a rolling review? We've asked it to our experts: Sini... Read more

Are we spending smart in healthcare?
According to the OECD, 20% of healthcare expenditure is spent inefficiently, making no meaningful contribution to patients’... Read more




Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drug Shortages (But were afraid to ask)
22 October 2020 (Virtual event)

How can we prevent drug shortages? First-hand insights from the supply chain Read more

EU Health Summit 2020
26 October 2020 (Virtual event)

The EU Health Coalition is delighted to announce the second edition of the EU Health Summit. Read more

Orphan Medicines: how to sustain innovation in an area of high unmet need?
30 October 2020 (Virtual event)

For every case where a new treatment has been developed there are however many more rare diseases that still need treatment... Read more

Neuroscience Virtual Partnering
09 November 2020 (Virtual event)

Neurological disorders are one of the most feared diseases in the world – they affect almost a billion people worldwide... Read more

IMI Stakeholder Forum 2020
10 November 2020 (Virtual event)

The theme this year is 'Broader horizons: growing Europe’s health partnership'. Read more

Clinical Trial Disclosure & Data Transparency Conference
16 November 2020 (Virtual event)

Organised by DIA Read more


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When will covid-19 vaccines be available?
On 08 October 2020 (Vaccines Today)

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