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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 20 May 2021


Five steps to urgently advance COVID-19 vaccine equity


Five steps to urgently advance COVID-19 vaccine equity
19 May 2021

Immediate action must focus on stepping up responsible dose sharing and maximizing production without compromising quality or safety. To do so, innovative vaccine manufacturers and biotech companies commit to:

1) Step up dose sharing
2) Continue to optimize production
3) Call out trade barriers to be eliminated
4) Support country readiness
5) Drive further innovation

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Access to Cancer Care in Europe

The pandemic has hit every aspect of cancer care, putting patients at higher risk of poor outcomes. A new report sets out 6 ways to regain lost momentum and build on positive lessons learned during the crisis. 

The publication was commissioned to Vintura by the EFPIA Oncology Platform and developed with a wide range of stakeholders, including patient organisations, healthcare providers, payers, HTA bodies and academic institutions. Read more.


From our blog


EFPIA members continue to be committed to responsible clinical trial data sharing
20 May 2021 - Silvia Garcia - Sini Eskola

Our commitment to patients and researchers Read more

The hidden pandemic: the melanoma patient experience during the COVID-19 pandemic (Guest...
20 May 2021 - Michael Zaiac

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How can machine learning serve patients and enable value-based healthcare? (Guest blog)
19 May 2021 - Jelena Duza

Machine learning to identify and characterise metastatic breast cancer patients in Sweden: a population-based study Read more

A tribute to all Nurses, and to my Mother
12 May 2021 - Nathalie Moll

You are truly unsung heroes who keep our healthcare systems running and most of all, who give us the care, love and... Read more




Unlocking the potential of the European Health Data Space to improve diabetes management in...
25 May 2021 (Virtual event)

The first in a two-part series co-hosted by the EFPIA Diabetes Platform and the European Diabetes Forum (EUDF) Read more

Lessons from the crisis: how a value-based approach can make health systems more resilient
17 June 2021 (Virtual event)

An event by the European Alliance for Value in Health Read more


Today is International Clinical Trials Day!

Clinical trials are essential in bringing life-changing new treatments & vaccines to patients. Today we celebrate those volunteers, patients, scientists, researchers and regulators that contribute to around 60,000 ongoing clinical trials in Europe! 

Today is also an opportunity to thank the thousands of volunteers that have participated in trials to protect citizens around the world with safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Without you this wouldn't be possible! You can read more about clinical trials on our webpage.


What we are reading


Big Pharma Commits to 5-Point Plan to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Equity
On 19 May 2021 (Health Policy Watch)

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How can more covid-19 vaccines be made available?
On 15 May 2021 (The Economist)

The nuts and bolts of scaling up production matter more than intellectual property Read more

Medicines for children and rare diseases: Commission launches a public consultation
On 10 May 2021 (European Commission)

The Commission has launched an Open public consultation on the revision of the legislation on medicines for children... Read more

Transforming health and social care systems: the role of regions in fostering value-based healthcare...
On 03 May 2021 (European Alliance for Value in Health)

Today’s challenge is to guarantee universal access and quality health care to all. These principles lay at the heart... Read more