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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 25 May 2022


The time is now: How to restore Europe’s leading position in pharma innovation

Hubertus von Baumbach (Boehringer Ingelheim) for POLITICO

Recent crises have highlighted the critical need for Europe to secure and strengthen its position as leader in medical innovation. As the European Commission works on the review of the Pharmaceutical Regulation, we need to ensure Europe has the right environment to bring the next generation of treatments to patients. The challenge for the coming decades is not if medical innovation will happen but where it will happen.

This article is part of a series explaining that where innovation happens matters for patients, health care systems, the research community, jobs and the economy.

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Innovative Clinical Trials

"Patients with unmet needs are longing for innovative treatments to be approved. Especially rare disease patients, where only 5-6% have approved treatments, need a new strategy to speed up research and provide new opportunities to access innovative drugs. Complex clinical trials can be the change that patients want to see".
Claas Röhl, chairman of NF Patients United


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