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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 11 April 2019


#ForTheChance to be a wife, a mum and a part-time runner

The story of Jennifer, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

You’ve got rheumatoid arthritis.
You’re not going mad.
You have something that can be treated.

Being diagnosed at 27 with rheumatoid arthritis is a shock to the system, but admittedly it’s probably a shock at any age.

First and foremost is getting on the right treatment; this is what will make it possible to lead a fairly normal life with your condition. Be mindful though, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) isn’t like having a headache, where you know that generally a paracetamol will work for most of us. They (those higher beings) don’t know what causes it, and they don’t have a one size fits all, it’s all about luck I suppose, and patience. Read more




European Semester: Country Reports 2019
09 April 2019

The reports show that several EU countries to not invest enough in healthcare, and that all countries have needs for... Read more

How long should you WAIT for a new medicine? Europe’s post code lottery
08 April 2019

100 days? 1000 days? None? A report published by EFPIA today, highlights that across Europe, patients in different countries... Read more




Why IMI PARADIGM? – The industry perspective
11 April 2019 - Nathalie Moll

Actively listening to patient experiences and patient challenges, and exchanging insights, must shape how we develop... Read more

Why IMI PARADIGM? – The patient perspective (Guest blog)
11 April 2019 - Jean Georges

PARADIGM is a great platform to imagine and advocate for different and better ways of engaging patients in research... Read more




Stronger Together: Joining forces to fast-track results
Collaboration makes us stronger. Together we can transform the lives of patients - it is why #WeWontRest.
Read... Read more

Health For All: Bringing innovative health solutions to all patients
#WeWontRest until we bring innovative health solutions to all patients.
Read the full EFPIA Manifesto at: Read more




Connecting Healthcare - EFPIA 2019 Annual Conference
27 June 2019 (Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels, Belgium)

Making connections can advance patient care and support the European economy at a time of significant change and challenge... Read more

ICHOM conference 2019: Redefining value through patient centered outcomes
02 May 2019 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

The world-leading event for providers, life sciences and industry on value-based healthcare Read more

WIN 2019 Symposium
23 June 2019 (Paris, France)

A symposium dedicated to Innovation and global deployment of Precision Oncology Read more

2019 China/EU Pharmaceutical Industry Forum
08 May 2019 (Hangzhou, China)

The workshop covers 4 different themes: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, Pricing & Reimbursement, Compliance (marketing... Read more


What we are reading


Creating new antimicrobial drugs will require governments working with industry
On 09 April 2019 (STAT News)

As the number of infections resistant to antimicrobial drugs continues to rise around the world, and with it their huge... Read more