Why IMI PARADIGM? – The patient perspective (Guest blog)

Dementia affects around nine million people in Europe. Despite many efforts, no treatment exists to date which could cure, prevent or slow down its progression. Globally, and at European level, a lot of research is being conducted which is helping to better understand what causes dementia, the risk factors, its progression, how to cope and live better with the condition and to develop more effective treatments and care options. 
The meaningful involvement of the people living with the condition and their carers in all these types of research is vital. In the case of dementia, examples of this involvement exist, but several challenges still need to be addressed. For example, existing misconceptions and stigma around dementia need to be challenged. People living with dementia should feel empowered, enabled and supported and should be afforded the opportunity to take part in and contribute towards research – if they so wish. They can play an important role as research participants and some may also like to have the opportunity to influence and have their say about the type and the areas of research that they would like to see prioritised, how this research should be undertaken or how the findings of this research should be disseminated to the dementia community and to the wider public. 

You can read the full blog on the PARADIGM website 

Jean Georges

Jean Georges has been Executive Director at Alzheimer Europe since 1996. Before joining the organisation, he worked...
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