Medicines are integral to caring for patients across Europe and debate around health policy at European level is vital in terms of ensuring that health systems are constantly scrutinised and challenged in order to ensure the optimal solutions.

In this context, EFPIA - the trade association of the research based pharmaceutical industry, is an essential partner in addressing the many challenges Europe is faced with today on health policy. In order to contribute to the debate, EFPIA regularly attends meetings with the European Institutions on key healthcare issues.

EFPIA is committed to transparency and an open process with regard to its activities vis-à-vis the European Institutions and has made it mandatory for its membership to sign up to the European Transparency Registry. In addition, EFPIA has developed guidance for its membership on how to complete the entries of the Transparency Registry so as to ensure uniform and transparent representation of the pharmaceutical industry.

For 2015, EFPIA has declared a spend of Euro 5,442,760 on activities covered by the scope of the Transparency Register. This figure represents an increase on the previous years due to the fact that the reporting requirements and the scope of activities covered under the Transparency Registry, were revised in 2015. The pharmaceutical industry directly employs 707,000 people in Europe, with combined exports of around Euro 300 billion, and invests Euro 30.5 billion on R&D in Europe annually.

Download EFPIA guidance on the EU transparency register here