With over 8000 medicines in development, the research-based pharmaceutical industry is transforming the lives of patients living with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological conditions, infectious diseases, rare disease and a host of other conditions.

Over the last two years, an unprecedented research, development and manufacturing effort across the industry has given us the diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics to continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This has sparked a new public interest in how medicines and vaccines are discovered, developed, regulated, manufactured and distributed. It has also put the spotlight on the role of industry in addressing wider societal challenges and how the pharmaceutical sector can contribute to Europe’s resilience and recovery. It is about #MoreThanMedicine.

#MoreThanMedicine explores not just what we do, but how we do it and what the wider impact is.
Of course, it starts with improving health, through the process of turning science into new diagnostics, treatments and vaccines that make a difference to society. It’s about driving responsible innovation: protecting the environment, reducing the use of animals in research where possible, and working ethically with others to address wider societal challenges. From the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, Europe’s health and economic resilience continues to be tested. #MoreThanMedicine examines the economic impact of the research-based pharmaceutical industry at an EU and country level.


#MoreThanMedicine is a collection of data, case studies and a range of information sources that can be explored by topic, by individual country and by company. Explore how we are doing more.

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