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European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and associations

EFPIA Newsletter 20 May 2020


International Clinical Trials Day

EFPIA Regulatory Road to Innovation

COVID-19 has been a catalyst in optimising research and development and streamlining regulatory processes. Some of the elements that in the context of COVID-19 have simplified procedures, minimised non-value adding activities and accelerated delivery, should be evaluated and tested to help us address health challenges.

We’ll seek to incorporate the learnings and innovative approaches from this crisis situation into the post COVID-19 era and we look forward to working with all stakeholders in order to make treatments available to patients, as fast as possible. Read more

YEAH project, the training opportunity to involve young people in health research (Guest blog)

“Unfortunately children and young people suffer diseases so they deserve the same opportunities as adult patients to be involved in the design and conduct of health research projects” says Begonya Nafria, Coordinator of YEAH. “We learn with them when we include them as a part of our projects. The most important benefit is that involving young people relevant results in the delivery of better initiatives are ultimately better medicines for children and young people. The celebration of the Clinical Trials World Day is a great opportunity to highlight the need of meaningful research for children and young people”. Read more

Clinical Trials: Servier adapts to ensure continuity (Guest blog)

May 20 is International Clinical Trials Day. Clinical Trials are essential for improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Pharmaceutical companies have been facing a unique situation related to the spread of Covid-19. They have had to continue these missions under optimal conditions for the safety of patients participating in clinical trials. Lydie Poitout, Head of Clinical Trial Management Department within Clinical Operations at Servier, explains how the Servier Group has adapted to the circumstances. Read more

Going the extra mile to keep clinical trials on track during the COVID-19 pandemic (Guest blog)

Sofia has breast cancer. Each month she travels from her home in Eastern Europe to a hospital in northern Italy to participate in a clinical trial. Traveling such distances for a clinical trial is uncommon, but Sofia was eager to participate in this particular trial for her condition.

But everything changed when the coronavirus (COVID-19) took hold on the continent. With transport links rapidly shutting down due to the pandemic, Sofia was no longer able to make the trip to Italy. A Novartis team couriered her experimental treatment across Europe. Read more


#WeWontRest in the fight against COVID-19


EFPIA statement following the call with EU Commissioner Kyriakides
18 May 2020

Companies have increased capacity by 260% in some cases. For the innovative pharmaceutical industry, this has been helped... Read more

Resilience and recovery: EFPIA statement in advance of today’s meeting of EU Industry Ministers...
15 May 2020

Later today (15 May 2020), EU ministers responsible for industry and the internal market will meet via video conference... Read more




Europe’s COVID-19 battle: Ensuring the supply of medicines to the patients that need them
EFPIA member companies are working around the clock to increase capacity and ensure supply of critical medicines to... Read more

WeWontRest until there is a COVID-19 vaccine for everyone
The research-based pharmaceutical industry is working around the clock at extraordinary speed to develop a safe and... Read more

How is it to participate in a clinical trial during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Clinical trials offer patients the chance to receive a new treatment to help improve, or in some cases even save, their... Read more

How is it to participate in a clinical trial during the COVID-19 pandemic?
During the lockdown, clinical trials sites had to find new ways to keep clinical trials running while ensuring the safety... Read more

Ensuring the continuity of clinical trials: LEO Pharma
We have been working with regulators to ensure the continuity of clinical trials and find new ways to track safety... Read more

Ensuring the continuity of clinical trials: Pfizer
Clinical trials are crucial for patients as they offer the chance to receive a new treatment that has potential... Read more

Ensuring the continuity of clinical trials: Boehringer Ingelheim
Clinical trials are the translation of scientific expertise into new treatments for patients. Boehringer Ingelheim... Read more

Ensuring the continuity of clinical trials: Apifarma
In Portugal, APIFARMA is committed to working together with EUPATI towards better clinical trials. Read more


What we are watching: #EFPIATalks


Trade and Covid-19: Today and Tomorrow
On 15 May 2020 (EFPIA website)

EFPIA virtual event focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on global trade Read more