Trade and Covid-19: Today and Tomorrow Virtual event

On 15 May EFPIA organised “Trade and Covid-19: Today and Tomorrow”, as part of a series of virtual events.

The economic impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. International trade and global supply chains are hit particularly hard at the moment because of COVID-19 and the containment measures countries have put in place to "flatten the curves". These measures also affect the global supply of medicines and essential equipment negatively. Hugh Pullen (Merck) and Fredrik Erixon (ECIPE) focused on this and the efforts to exempt global flows of essential medicines and equipment from these effects, including via multilateral efforts. 

From a global integration perspective, David Talbot (Lilly) shared his insights on the evolving EU-US bilateral relationship in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic - a relationship that is very important for the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past two months, global interdependencies have become clear and been the cause for emotional discussions about reshoring (or repatriating) supply chains to strategic sovereignty. This begs the question what roles there are for trade and global supply chains and what the COVID-19 impact for global trade could be. This is an issue that Charles Faid (Pfizer) added his views on. 

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