#WeWontRest in the fight against COVID-19

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the world, the biopharmaceutical industry in Europe remains committed to global efforts to care for those affected, contain the outbreak and develop resources to tackle future outbreaks.

While governments contend with implementing appropriate public health measures and health systems are treating or preparing to treat unprecedented numbers of patients requiring intensive care, our industry is focused on three key areas:

The search for vaccines, diagnostics and treatments 
Ensuring the supply of medicines to the patients that need them
Supporting governments and health systems on the ground

We are committed to working collaboratively across the research and healthcare communities, utilising our world-leading science, people and resources to tackle this outbreak. As part of the global fight against COVID-19, we published a series of commitments on tackling this pandemic.

EFPIA members are heavily engaged in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (Call 21) to fast track collaborative research, identifying any suitable assets in their libraries that could be utilised to develop diagnostics and treatments in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, the industry in Europe is providing financial support and in-kind donations to organisations on the ground as well as working closely with European, Chinese, and Global health authorities to combat this global public health emergency.