Reducing health inequalities: cancer care as a blueprint Do, measure, learn, improve! European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG)

Can the European Health Union be real and tangible, grounded in solutions that have been proven to work?  

We will discuss cancer as an inspirational case study on what successful collaboration across Europe can look like to tackle health challenges. If successfully implemented, the “Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan” with its Registry on Inequalities has the potential to demonstrate that the health inequalities challenge can be overcome.  

Join us for this session: have your say on the beta version of the Cancer Pulse, intended to build upon and complement Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan’s Registry on Inequalities. 

We will examine the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration and invite your input on how innovation can be leveraged to address inequalities along the cancer care pathway and to tackle determinants of inequalities on the ground.