Are we doing the best we can for the 60 million Europeans living with diabetes? Virtual event

Diabetes is Europe’s silent health pandemic, but is the diagnosis, treatment and management of diabetes getting the focus it deserves? 
Patients endure the relentless task of managing their disease, acutely aware that it develops and changes over time, with connected diseases emerging possibly later in life, such as amputations, heart attacks or strokes.

At the same time, health systems are not currently set up to prioritise chronic conditions and improve outcomes for people living with diabetes. It is time to rethink how diabetes care is delivered.

Join us on 18 September for a virtual event to discuss how we can work together to improve its diagnosis, treatment and management.

Draft programme

Welcoming remarks by moderator, Jacki Davis

John Bowis, former Member of Parliament (UK) and former Member of the European Parliament

Cajsa Lindberg, Global health consultant and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Europe advocacy advisor

Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament (Finland, EPP)

Stefan Schreck, Health Programme and Chronic Diseases, European Commission Directorate–General for Health and Food Safety