Virtual event

The 2020 EFPIA Patients WAIT Survey has found that patients in neighbouring countries can wait over 6 times as long for access to new medicines.

n analysis of the resulting data in a report entitled  The root cause of unavailability and delay to innovative medicines: Reducing the time before patients have access to innovative medicines shows there are
10 inter-related factors explaining unavailability of medicines and delays for patients across the EU.

These factors have to do with countries’ pricing and reimbursement systems and companies’ commercial decision-making and operational restrictions.  

We invite you to a debate with representatives from patients organisations, decision-makers, public authorities and industry to see if we all have the same understanding of the root causes of the access problems, and to discuss shared solutions.


Francis Arickx, Head of the directorate Pharmaceutical Policy, adviser at INAMI, Belgium
Gabriele Grom,
Associate Vice President, Central Eastern Europe (CEE), MSD, and Chair of EFPIA CEE Taskforce 
Kaisa Immonen, Director of Policy, European Patients' Forum (EPF)
Dolors Montserrat, Member of the European Parliament
Tim Wilsdon
, Vice President, Charles River Associates (CRA)

This event will be moderated by Jacki Davis

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