From Theory to Practice: Seven Steps for Boosting Patient Engagement Virtual event

Optimising the system for a more patient-centered view was the focus of an interactive session at DIA Europe 2022.
You can find the inspiring results in this article: ‘’ Patient Engagement Action Plan - Seven Steps to Move the Needle‘’. Continue the discussion on how to move to implementation and meet the authors of this article by joining our free Webinar!
In a collaboration between DIA and PEOF and together with key stakeholders, during this Webinar, we will:
  • Discuss how to move to the implementation of the "Seven Steps to Boost Patient Engagement" by presenting concrete tools that are already available - "There is no excuse for inaction!"
  • See how to progress on some aspects of building common understanding and using patient experience data based on outcomes of the EMA multistakeholder workshop of September 2022, which will be discussed at the next DIA Europe 2023 Patient Engagement DIAmond session.
All participants will be invited to join a co-creation exercise on the "Seven Steps to Boost Patient Engagement" during the Webinar.