Symposium: Accessibility and Impact of High Value Medicines - Science, Patients & Politics London

The Accessibility Symposium offers an unparalleled platform for stakeholders and leaders from different fields to discuss the future of drug valuation and appraisal in real-world performance. The goal of this event is to foster and advance actionable solutions at the policy, health technology assessment, approval and reimbursement levels.

The 2019 Symposium is following up on the five previous symposia on the "Relativity in the Evaluation" and "Accessibility to Medicines" organised in London by Prof. Lucien Abenhaim since 2010. The principle and goals of these meetings are to convene policy makers, drug developers, scientists and patients together to share common grounds of preoccupation on drug evaluation and help shape the future of medicine development and access, to better serve the health of individual patients and populations.

Please view the 2019 Symposium programme HERE