Innovation in pharmaceuticals is changing the world. How to ensure their availability in Latvia? Riga, Latvia

On 2nd of November SIFFA will organise its main event of the year gathering most prominent stakeholders including ministers, parliament members, civil servants, media, industry and patient organisations to discuss the latest news from the industry and how to ensure availability of medicines in Latvia.

Speakers include

Mrs. Liene Siliņa, SIFFA chairman of the board
Nathalie Moll, EFPIA Director General
Dr. Sandra Zimmerman, WIFOR institute
Prof. Ulf Persson, Swedish Health Economics Institute
Dr. Karla Hernández-Villafuerte, Health Economist
Prof. Janis Klovins, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Center, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Latvia
Assoc. Prof. Nils Wilking, Karolinska Institute, Swedish Institute of Health Economics
Mr. Āris Kasparāns, Director of the National Health Service
Sergejs Akulić, Deputy Director of the State Medicines Agency,
Mrs. Olga Valciņa, member of the board of the association of Latvian oncology patient organizations “Onkoalianse”
Assoc. prof. Andris Skride, LR 13. Chairman of the Social and Labor Affairs Commission of the Saeima
Anda Čakša, co-chairman of the Social and Labor Affairs Commission of the 13th Saeima of the Republic of Lithuania, member of the 14th Saeima of the Republic of Lithuania, former Minister of Health.