Second webinar of series by HYPER-IFPMA June 2, 14:00-15:30 CET

A patient-centric approach to pharmaceutical research and development must account for the impact new therapies can bring to all patients, especially those in underserved communities. How can the R&D-based biopharmaceutical industry strive for innovations that serve those who need them the most?

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) remain an essential tool in assessing a new therapy’s safety and efficacy. However, RCTs intrinsic limitations have to be acknowledged and actively mitigated. 

Lack of diversity in clinical trials has been identified as a multifaceted issue that requires holistic approaches from beginning to end of a product’s lifecycle. Furthermore, research on diseases that affect fragile communities, commonly addressed as “neglected diseases of poverty,” is challenging due to a general lack of awareness and health care services often being unequipped to diagnose and gather data on the issue. Young people are committed to address these issues as the frameworks used for research and innovation today will directly impact access to safe and effective therapies tomorrow.

In this HYPER-IFPMA session, panellists will explore different solutions to this problem, such as the use of innovative digital tools that can improve trial design, management, and patient & site selection. Speakers will be announced soon.

This is the second session of a two-part webinar series on equal opportunities and inclusion in research and development (R&D). The first webinar focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace for a healthy R&D ecosystem. If you missed it and want to know more, you will find a recap of the discussion here