Poland carries the Torch

Poland celebrates its National Day (and the second Constitution in World’s history). An opportunity for us to also celebrate those famous physicists, chemists, mathematicians, doctors from Poland who laid the foundations for some of the greatest medical advances of today. To name but a few: Maria Sklodowska Curie, a Nobel Prize (and only anecdotally a name of an EU R&D enabling programme) and her foundational work on imaging, Napoleon Cybulski who pioneered endocrinology, or Jerzy Neyman a mathematician and a statistician whose work on estimations and of testing hypothesis found wide applications in genetics and diagnosis or Janusz Zeyland who pioneered children’s TB vaccination. These are some of the many world’s scientific giants who lit the torch that we carry in the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the biggest public private partnership that for ten years already has been pioneering new collaborations to accelerate medical progress ( #CarryTheTorch brochure and video).

From the EFPIA Polish Team