Europe’s Brighter tomorrow

I like EU elections. Not just because they are the ultimate manifestation of democracy that we enjoy across Europe, or because of the undoubted buzz they create at EU and national level but also because they give individuals and organisations a chance to reflect on the progress made in the previous period and think about a vision for the next one. What are things that will really make a difference to the citizens of Europe over the next five years?
For us at EFPIA, that means looking at both the health and economic prosperity of Europe. What can we, as an industry, contribute? And what are the things that the European Union can do to build a healthier future for Europe?
We have outlined our vision for the next five years in the EFPIA Manifesto focused around three key areas:
  • Bringing innovative health solutions to all patients
  • Making the EU a world leader in research and development
  • Being stronger together; joining forces to fast track results.
I firmly believe that building a strong European economy and cohesive European society largely depends on a healthy population. That’s why ensuring that all European citizens live healthier lives must be a priority for the new legislative mandate of the EU, supported by more patient-centred health systems and a smart sectorial industrial policy and pro-innovation environment.
The health of the EU’s citizens depends on all of us - policy-makers, healthcare professionals, civil society and industry. Pooling our resources and expertise will ensure that what we do brings tangible benefits to EU citizens and strengthen the EU’s global reputation for outstanding R&D and innovation.
I am delighted to share our vision and proposals on how to build a healthier future and brighter tomorrow for Europe and I look forward to discussing the implications and hearing yours views in the run up to the EU elections in 2019.

Nathalie Moll

Nathalie Moll joined the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) as Director...
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