International Women's Day 2023

In the EFPIA Patient Think Tank, patient organisations, researchers and industry get together to exchange ideas, information and perspectives. 65% of representatives are women, working every day to ensure patients receive the best care. We asked Jennifer Austin, CEO of Global Skin - International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations; Begonya Nafria, Patient Engagement in Research Coordinator Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute; Mihaela Militaru, EU Patient Insights & Advocacy, Oncology at Merck; and Peggy Maguire, Director General of the European Institute of Women's Health to share their thoughts on the importance of embracing equity in healthcare and beyond.

"I truly believe that EQUITY for all, whether men or women makes the difference in any organisation. 
Giving "equal" opportunities is not enough if you don't adapt to the needs of individuals, and we should all take concrete and sustainable steps to #EmbraceEquity", says Nathalie Moll, EFPIA Director General.