Recent data has given both us and the Alzheimer’s community some hope in an environment where there has been little progress (Guest blog)

When I was a child my Grandmother started to forget who my sisters and I were in the later stages of her life, often mixing up our names. This was distressing and confusing for her, but also for us to witness as children.
These early encounters with the impact of memory loss on the people you love and their families have stayed with me, and sadly, this is an experience shared by millions of families across the globe. Recent estimates suggest that over 40 million people in the world live with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Personally, it’s highly rewarding being part of a team at Biogen who are driven by bringing science to life for those who may benefit from it.
Raising awareness of disease areas where there is a high unmet need, and seeing the landscape develop and change over time is extremely gratifying when you have played a key role in that transition. Also, seeing and hearing from patients and the community about how their lives have changed, for example when a long-awaited product is brought to market, is a deeply emotional and fulfilling time for those who have been on the challenging journey to approval.
There are no treatments currently available for patients with Alzheimer’s disease so a diagnosis can be devastating for the patient and their family. Biogen is committed to researching potential therapies in Alzheimer’s. In addition to the huge emotional impact that Alzheimer’s can have on the patient and their family, the costs to healthcare systems are also considerable, therefore identifying a treatment would not only be life-changing for patients, but would also have a significant benefit on healthcare costs.
I am extremely excited to be part of an organisation that is committed to pursuing options in this space. Our recent data in this space has given both us and the Alzheimer’s community some hope in an environment where there has been little progress.
#WeWontRest until we can change the course of the disease for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and give them, and their families a promising future.

Annabel Cowper

Annabel Cowper, Director of Corporate Affairs, Biogen
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