EFPIA e4ethics merge with the MedTech Europe Conference Vetting System

In the context of their respective broad ethical programs, EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, and MedTech Europe, the trade association representing the medical technologies industry in Europe, decided to merge the assessments of the EFPIA’s e4ethics platform and MedTech Europe’s Conference Vetting System (CVS). Building on existing capacities to create efficiency, the objective of such a move is to ensure consistency and harmonisation across the healthcare industry, for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.
Launched respectively in 2010 and 2012, both online systems review, assess, and approve Third-Party Educational Events (i.e. congresses) in accordance with their respective Codes. As a consequence, there are a substantial number of conferences being assessed by both systems.
Starting on 1st January 2021, with a 6-months pilot period, both platforms will be aligned in most aspects.
Firstly, both platforms will operate independently from EFPIA and MedTech Europe, via a common compliance team, to ensure objectivity and independence in conference assessments.
e4ethics will align with the CVS criteria and approach including the online proactive submissions by companies or congress organisers.
In addition, the submission procedure and appeal’s process will be identical for the two systems.
The type of events qualifying for review will remain different:
  • For e4ethics events: European events taking place in the countries in the scope of the EFPIA Code, will be reviewed, i.e. events in which healthcare professionals of more than 5 countries may take part, and which are expected to attract a significant number of participants (at least 500).
  • For CVS, international events need to be reviewed when they are taking place within the MedTech Europe geographic scope. This includes the following:
    • Events attended by delegates coming from at least two countries of MedTech Europe geographic scope; and
    • Events taking place outside the MedTech Europe geographic area, attended by delegates, who are HCPs registered and practicing in the MedTech geographic area.
Assessment outcomes will become binding for all member companies and, as it is already the case for MedTech Europe members, all companies need to have a positive assessment, in order to support an event.
The type of support remains regulated under the respective EFPIA and MedTech Europe Codes. As such, what and how EFPIA member companies can support events and healthcare professionals, will differ from MedTech Europe member companies. The latter can never sponsor healthcare professionals directly.
Both industries have invested in the implementation of self-regulating initiatives in particular with regards to their interaction with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. This move supports further and facilitates the commitment to safeguard these interactions, and preserve the ethical business conduct of the entire healthcare sector, as well as the ability to continue to collaborate with the healthcare community.