EFPIA response to medicines shortages reports

Reports of shortages to a small number of medicines relate to older genericized medicines and over the counter medicines. EFPIA understands that these shortages have been caused by surging global demand for medicines to help treat COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases.  
Nathalie Moll, Director General of EFPIA said: 
"EFPIA member companies are not reporting shortages as a result of the situation in China, and where necessary have increased supply. We are not aware of any stockpiling of EFPIA members' medicines.
Recent high demand for COVID-19 medicines in China may have resulted in some manufacturers temporarily shifting focus to meet domestic needs, however, export operations are reported to be improving and there are no export restrictions in place. EFPIA member companies manufacture around two thirds of their active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in Europe, with only 5% and 6% originating from China and India respectively. 

Any delays experienced at ports are likely to be short term and due to domestic issues, including staff shortages. 
EFPIA members continue to work with the European Commission and national governments to ensure continued and uninterrupted supplies of medicines for patients throughout Europe.”