Implementing Outcomes-based Healthcare - A seminar organised by EFPIA, ICHOM and

Today, the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), EFPIA and, are hosting a full-day seminar in Brussels on how the consistent measurement of outcomes can improve care for patients. The seminar is an opportunity to discuss how to put outcomes-based healthcare into practice on a larger scale, the barriers to implementation and how national and EU policy makers could help further this agenda in order to improve patient care while making healthcare systems more financially sustainable.

Taking about the seminar, Catherine Rutten, CEO of, the association of the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Belgium, indicated that “We are excited to co-organize this event with ICHOM and EFPIA. Focus on outcomes is a cornerstone of every activity in the healthcare sector. It brings all stakeholders together (industry, payers, care givers and patients aligned) in assessing what is really of importance to patients. And it encourages all of us to use health data in a smart way. I am convinced that the examples that will be discussed today, will be very inspirational in this respect”.

Speaking on behalf of ICHOM, Rosna Mortuza, Director of Implementation, said “Advancing the measurement of standardised health outcomes represents a critical shift towards a more efficient and effective healthcare system for patients, payers, hospitals, and providers. Our intent is to bring together stakeholders from across the healthcare community to see how we can support that shift.”

Speaking about the wider strategic alliance partnership between ICHOM and EFPIA, Director General of EFPIA, Nathalie Moll said “Implementing more outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare models requires dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders from across the healthcare community. If we work together, we can set European healthcare systems on a new path towards a more outcomes-based and sustainable healthcare.”

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