Key Trade Data Points on the EU27 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

ECIPE has carried out a data analysis upon request of EFPIA, to get a clear picture about the key trade facts for the EU27 pharmaceutical value chains. The result is this study 'Key Trade Data Points on the EU27 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain'.

In this study, ECIPE has used Eurostat (2019) data to look at the imports and exports of the EU27 in value (Euro) and volume (kg) terms for the pharmaceutical sector. Statistics are reported for the overall pharmaceutical products, human medicinal products, vaccines, and antibiotics.

The main findings are that the EU27 is a strong exporter of pharmaceutical products, and in terms of imports is resilient because most come from the EU itself. China and India are not large exporters to the EU, except for China's share in APIs in volume terms (kg). But even in the latter case, total imports amount to 22.5% of all EU27 imports.