Welcome to the European Disclosure GatewayThe relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) fosters the innovation that improves patients’ lives.

In addition to its longstanding commitment to publicly disclose relationships with patient organisations and as part of its support for greater transparency, the research-based pharmaceutical industry has committed to disclose details of payments and other benefits in kind made by industry to HCPs and HCOs to ensure that patients and others have confidence that this relationship is legitimate and transparent.
To improve access to this data, the pharmaceutical industry has voluntarily created this single point of access to help any interested stakeholder navigate the publicly available data across all EFPIA Members countries whether hosted on individual company websites or centralized on national platforms.

On this page, EFPIA has gathered all this information in one place: the European Gateway map.
By clicking on each country, you will be redirected to the governmental or national disclosure pages. Below the map, by clicking on the companies' logos, you will have the possibility to navigate each EFPIA member company own disclosure webpage.

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