The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is a new proposed public-private partnership (PPP) under Horizon Europe.  

This cross-sectoral Partnership brings together all stakeholders including 5 key health industry sectors involved in the patient’s journey and aims to make significant progress towards addressing unmet health needs. 

This unique initiative strives to: 

  • Pioneer the patient-centred integration of knowledge, technology and products 
  • Tackle each and every aspect of care to improve lives of patients across Europe and beyond 
  • Strengthen Europe’s position at the forefront of medical innovation 
  • Address current and future health challenges 

How can this Partnership help solve significant current and future health challenges in different healthcare areas 

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Read our case studies on obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, COPD, asthma, AMR, and chronic back pain.  

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EFPIA is proud to be among five industry associations that have come together, representing pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technologies industries operating in Europe (COCIR, EFPIA, EuropaBio, MedTech Europe and Vaccines Europe).