The Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan adds real momentum to the fight against cancer, promising to reduce the burden of disease, tackle inequality and accelerate advances in personalised medicines.

The Plan is a key pillar for the European Health Union besides the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, which aims to ensure the availability of safe and affordable medicines to patients across the EU. In setting up the Plan, the European Commission took a multi-stakeholder approach and an extensive consultation process to prepare the plan.

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is structured around ten flagship initiatives and a number of supporting actions along the entire disease pathway: 1.) prevention; 2.) early detection; 3.) diagnosis and treatment; 4.) quality of life of cancer patients and survivors.

The Plan represents a new era for cancer care with the potential to have a major positive impact on Europe’s citizens. Its success will require broad political support, continued investment, and new initiatives to boost innovation. This will improve the lives of today’s cancer sufferers – and tomorrow’s patients. 

We welcome the decision to connect the EU Beating Cancer Plan with the Horizon Europe Mission on Cancer. The EFPIA Oncology Platform has welcomed the work done by the Mission Board.

Together, patients, citizens, EU institutions, academia, and industry in Europe can lead the way in understanding cancer and collectively find a way to tackle it. Through strong partnerships and collaborations, we can deliver more for cancer patients, more for citizens, and more for Europe.

The EFPIA Oncology Platform welcomes the publication of the Plan and its ambitious goals and looks forwards to continuing the stakeholder discussion towards its successful implementation.