How to turn around the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe? Virtual event

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death in Europe and worldwide. 60 million people live with cardiovascular disease in the EU, and almost 13 million new patients are diagnosed every year. There has been progress on addressing this challenge in the past, but mortality rates are far from decreasing, especially with Covid-19, and CVD continues to pose a significant burden on healthcare systems and the economy. Cardiovascular conditions present still an unmet medical need.

As for other fragile groups, COVID-19 poses an additional burden on people living with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases. They are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and have a worse prognosis, making the need to address this health challenge even more urgent. Furthermore, patients without CVD prior a COVID-19 infection risk to suffer from long-term cardiovascular conditions afterwards.

How can we reverse the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe? What is needed to give patients access to the treatments and innovation they need? What new ways to fund and deliver innovation to reach patients and improve health outcomes at population level?

These and many other questions were addressed by our panelists, that included representatives from patients’ organisations, healthcare professional organisations, academia, public authorities and industry.

Featured speakers
- Birgit Beger, CEO, European Heart Network (EHN)
- Panos Kanavos, Associate Professor of International Health Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science
- Marianne Takki, Policy Coordinator, DG SANTE
- Janneke van der Kamp, Head Pharma, Region Europe, Novartis
- Patricia Vlasman, Patient Representative Cardiomyopathy Research, The Netherlands
- Matt Whitty, Interim Director at NHS England and NHS Improvement
- David Wood, Emeritus Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College London, and Past President World Heart Federation 2019-20

Event recording

This event was jointly organised by the European Heart Network and EFPIA