Investing in innovation for sustainable cancer care Virtual event

Outcomes for people with cancer in Europe have improved significantly over the past decade. However, cancer diagnoses are on the rise as the population grows and ages, placing pressure on already overextended healthcare budgets and resources. Smart investments in cancer care are urgently needed to alleviate demands on healthcare systems and improve access to cancer care. 

Opportunities for efficiencies exist across the whole cancer care pathway, from prevention to diagnosis, treatment, palliative care and survivorship. More effective prevention, early detection and timely intervention will reduce the number of patients in need of cancer care, freeing capacity for the uptake of further innovations such as digital technologies, precision medicine, potentially curative therapies, or home-based care, and enable advances in areas of poor prognosis. 

This Financial Times Digital Dialogue, held in partnership with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Oncology Platform and a sounding board of more than 20 stakeholders, will bring together the cancer community, including patients, healthcare policymakers, leading physicians, healthcare providers and payers to discuss the many innovative ways that are emerging to make cancer care more resilient, and the vital policy approaches that are needed to drive innovation and improve access.