European Multi-Stakeholder Sounding Board Meeting on “Innovation – The key to sustainable cancer care”

We invite you to join the European Multi-Stakeholder Sounding Board Meeting for the project on “Innovation – The key to sustainable cancer care”.

Recent studies have shown that the overall incidence of cancer patients in the EU will continue to increase over the coming years. It is therefore paramount that European healthcare systems aim to continue to invest in cancer care to constantly improve sustainable access to high quality cancer care. However, regardless of the pressing need for continued investments in cancer care, this will be challenging to obtain as austerity measures have been introduced over recent years across all layers and governmental bodies in Europe, including healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine made these challenges all the greater for healthcare systems across the EU.

Fortunately, EU policy makers have created momentum for fighting cancer in the EU, through Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP). This plan includes various initiatives to improve cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship with clearly defined funding streams (e.g. funding coming from EU4Health, Horizon Europe & Digital Europe).

In May 2021, the EFPIA Oncology Platform (EOP) together with Vintura and a wide group of European stakeholders published a report in the series “Every Day Counts” on “The impact of COVID-19 on patient access to cancer care in Europe”. Though the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are substantial and will likely be felt for years to come, the pandemic has also generated key learnings on how to rethink the design, execution and offering of our cancer care services to improve sustainable patient access to high quality cancer care across Europe.

In this project on the sustainability of cancer care, we’d like to continue the collective work done so far and showcase real-world examples of how high-quality care pathways and innovation, including precision oncology, out-of-hospital care and digital healthcare, can alleviate pressure & improve quality of care, plus help to achieve the goals of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. By highlighting these cases, we wish to demonstrate how innovative cancer care is the key to a sustainable health system, and achievable within budget constraints.

An important part of the project is the European Multi-Stakeholder Sounding Board. In the Sounding Board we would like to convene all relevant stakeholders, including policy makers, healthcare pioneers, patient organizations, professional associations, scientific societies, and experts, to:

  • provide input and help define the project approach
  • identify relevant case studies
  • co-create recommendations
  • review and potentially endorse the final white paper resulting from this project
  • participate as speakers or engage on social media to disseminate the project output and recommendations.

Meeting dates

We have planned two Sounding Board meetings in July and in October.

The 1st virtual meeting will take place on Wednesday 6 July 2022, from 16:00 – 18:00hrs.

If you wish to join the sounding board, please contact Christel Jansen